What is a nutraceutical?

Nutraceutical is a food or food product that reportedly provides health and medical benefits, including the prevention and/or treatment of disease. Such products may range from isolated nutrients, dietary supplements and specific diets to genetically engineered foods, herbal products, and processed foods such as cereals, soups, and beverages. Examples are beta-carotene and lycopene. Nutraceutical foods are not subject to the same testing and regulations as pharmaceutical drugs. (Source: Wikipedia & AAPS PharmaSci)

iNNutriGEL offers new dosage forms to use such nutraceuticals.

Filled iNNutriGEL Soft Gums - a perfect opportunity for functional ingredients

Soft GumsTM are an alternative dosage form for people who want to take their nutraceuticals but have difficulties to swallow e.g. capsules.

The products consist of SuperStarch®, glucose / sugar syrup, flavors and colors. The center filled Soft GumsTM can be filled with liquids or suspensions (also heat sensitive liquids) between 10-20%.

Soft GumsTM have advantages that cannot be fulfilled by competing products, in particular:

  • Heat resistance up to 70 degrees
  • Heat sensitive fillers or fillings can be used

Furthermore, these products contain benefits that can only be partially fulfilled by competition products, in particular:

  • Are vegetarian - also halal and kosher is possible
  • Have a very good texture - from soft to firm is possible
  • Have a very good flavor
  • Have a non sticky texture compared to other vegetarian products (starch, pectin)

Center filled Soft GumsTM can be positioned as an alternative dosage form for e.g. capsules. They contain an elastic flavored outer shell and a liquid core. Suitable fillers are all fillings, which are acceptable in terms of taste or can be masked. In particular, fillings from the food supplement sector, functional food, phytopharmacology and OTC are suitable.

We produce Soft Gums with the low temperature mogul technology

iNNutriGEL developed and designed the low temperature mogul technology (LTM) to produce Soft GumsTM based on SuperStarch®. It is a unique and patent protected process. The process is lean, robust and fully automated. The LTM process unit prepares the casting mass ready to be used in the standard mogul plant. The LTM process consists of a continuous mixing step at room temperature in order to produce the casting mass. The casting mass contains SuperStarch® and the usual ingredients (sugar or sugar free syrup, colorants and flavors). Thereafter the casting mass is immediately further processed into a standard mogul plant to produce either “mono” or “liquid center filled” Soft GumsTM. A “Cleaning In Place” system cleans the LTM process unit effectively and efficiently.

 LTM process scheme








 Scheme: LTM process unit and depositor of a mogul plant

SuperStarch® (1) and syrup (4) are constantly fed into a continuous mixer (3) by a gravimetric feeder (2) and a liquid pump (5). The continuous mixer blends the two components to a homogenous fluid and pumps it into a pipe system. Along the pipe colorants and flavors are fed (6 and 7) into the fluid, which is homogenized by a static mixer (8). A pressure compensating device (9) regulates the flow of the casting mass between the preparation unit and the depositor (10) of the mogul plant.

Our patent application for the low temperature mogul technology

Our patent application is multifold.

All the technology is patented and includes the following patent applications:

  • IP: WO 2007/128150 Low temp. mogul Process
  • IP: WO 2010/072847 Low temp. mogul Process and also the confectionary articles producible by this process


Filled iNNutriGEL Sticks - a perfect opportunity for functional ingredients

Filled iNNutriGEL Sticks are a new dosage form for nutraceuticals. They can be used as supplying solution for various additives.  

 The advantages of iNNutriGEL Sticks lay in the simplicity of the production process:

  • clean and fast
  • low in space
  • low in operator costs
  • no drying times
  • no mogul powder necessary
  • low contamination risk
  • short time of heat treatment

Especially the low contamination risk, due to the separation of the mass production line and the filling line makes the process suitable for functional additives. While not using any mogul starch the Innutri Sticks will not get in touch with previous production lots.

Of course iNNutriGEL Sticks show  the same advantages as iNNutriGEL Soft Gums do:

  • gelatin free
  • great chewy texture
  • transparent
  • resistant to heat
  • possibility of halal/kosher certification
  • vegan

Additionally, iNNutriGEL Sticks are

  • glutenfree